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    Wow Crust Gourmet Pizza Franchise

    Wow Crust Gourmet Pizza Franchise


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    In every way. The sheer joy of living is a treat to be savoured. And even though we exist to make absolutely delicious pizza, for us, it's not all in the eating. It's about the whole pizza experience; what you do when you're eating it, and who you're sharing it with. Even if it's just your teddy bear. We believe in making the most of every moment. As our CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Logos said, "We believe in making every moment completely delicious for our customers."

    He also said heaps of other important stuff, like "Our culture is one of professionalism, entrepreneurship, teamwork and partnership, which helps to create delicious moments." Which is just the kind of thing a CEO should say. But even Michael agrees, the long and the short of it is, we're here to make your life a bit nicer by making great pizza, so you can enjoy more good times and great food.
    Why choose Crust?

    The recipe for our success has involved a great product, a lot of hard work and of course, a serious amount of top quality fresh ingredients; glistening smoked salmon, finely sliced prosciutto, marinated tiger prawns, great salads and top shelf gourmet cheeses. The kind of delicious food that keeps customers coming back. Again and again.

    It's a successful business model based on sound research. First you need the right location. Crust invests a significant amount of money in demographic and geospatial analysis to identify areas, which have the key business drivers that will allow our franchisees to maximise sales. Then we assist with the site selection and the lease negotiations. Every franchisee is awarded an exclusive territory, which takes into account population and household growth, demographics, the proximity of competitors, delivery and drive time analysis.

    All new franchisees undergo a six-week induction (don't worry, it's painless) where they're taught by our chef Peter August is to create award-winning pizza through perfecting the dough, setting the oven, and all the other secrets to creating Crust pizza. We'll also provide close-support through the first weeks of opening and will help train staff, assist in day-to-day running of the shop and ensure every aspect of the store is running smoothly.

    We prime the market before a franchisee opens in a new territory by advertising locally so that by the time the store opens, the locals are ready and waiting.

    Franchisees also receive four weeks' training in an established Crust outlet, followed by two weeks training after opening in your own store.

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