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    Pet Product Outlet & On-line

    Pet Product Outlet & On-line


    Type: Service Provider
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    • With more than a 3½ decade of trading history (only 2 previous owners), this diverse pet product outlet and on-line based, national product distribution/supply business is one of the best at generating high net income and sales growth. This business’s sales, having its client servicing supported by staff not owner, has been able to post a growth in sales for the last 3 financial years (minimum). This business, due to its high sales volume and membership with a national buying group allows it to do what most can’t – provide its clients with highly competitive prices (able to beat prices of the chain/franchised stores), but also achieving a very high net income while offering these low prices! 

    • This business offers thousands of different products, including consumables to its many long term, loyal clients. This business can supply any client, anywhere, with all their pet products and regularly purchased consumables. So, with such a high net income, coupled with a 15.85% growth in sales in (14/15), while only investing part-time hours (between a home base where the on-line business operates from and this outlet – not being required to serve clients, this being left to staff). 

    • This would have to be one of the best businesses you’ll find in the pet industry, within the Brisbane region. Being one of the most renowned, within this high growth area. 

    • This business’s sales are going from strength to strength, while this part-time owner remains relatively passive in the marketing/promoting of this business and its products. Just wait until you see the profit shown on the financial statements! 

    • Located in a well-established area (demographically suited to this type of business) and with its on-line sales growing (due to being renowned for its fast on-line product dispatching turnaround times), this investment is now available for transfer for the 3rd time in 35 years.

    • So enjoy a part-time lifestyle and extremely high net income, all the while leaving capable staff to manage the day-to-day client servicing. Take full advantage of all the myriad of supplier gifts and financial support offered, due to being a high sales volume business. 

    • This business offers a very high return on your investment for any new owner/investor, while only investing part-time hours, or less if desired, per week. 

    $599K+ SAV ($195K)

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