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    How to Value Your Business

    Speak to your accountant and your financial advisor.  Calculate the tax if any that will be payable on the sale then conduct a valuation. Consider how much you will make if you invest the purchase price.  Look at similar businesses and their asking prices.  If there is real estate involved call in agents to value the property.  List all of your assets and include intellectual property – that is the value of your registered business names, logos, copyrights, inventions, trademarks etc.  Calculate the value of customer goodwill, the potential for growth and the value of your brand. 

    Value is not necessarily determined by your tax returns; there may be valuable contracts or current and future sales locked in that are not reflected by your latest tax return.  Your old property valuation may be out-of-date. 


    Buyers will be looking for strength in management, strong relationships with customers and suppliers, price-earnings ratio, comparable businesses on the market and the entry-cost valuation if they choose to set up the same business themselves.


    Who are the Buyers?

    Prospective buyers come in all shapes and forms from both local and overseas individuals and entities.  For large businesses the buzzwords are Mergers and Acquisitions.  Individuals may be Australian born who have come into money and want to put it to work, hard-working migrants who have saved and are now ready to take the leap into a business, or overseas buyers who have the legal right to come into Australia when they spend a certain amount to purchase a business. 


    The world is your oyster, so now all you have to do is to value your business, add some on top for negotiation purposes and change your life!

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