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    7 Reasons to sell a business

    • You could make more money by selling your business or franchise than you could possibly make by continuing to work.
    • Do you want to change your lifestyle?  Maybe investing, taking a long cruise to see the world or even concentrating on relationships instead of the daily grind.
    • Your business may not suit the next generation who have gone their own way and your time to retire is getting closer.
    • You don’t want to keep working forever.
    • You are not ready for changes which may involve moving into the global business environment, going online or even moving a large part of your operation overseas.
    • You have noticed trends changing and your business may not be worth so much in a few years.
    • And most importantly your health:  are the hours of work impacting on a healthy lifestyle?

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    Jobstar Commercial helps business owners who wish to sell a business. Advertise your business with us and let us help you find the right buyer for your business.